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Helia Native Berkshire Seed Packets

$ 8.95

These two mixes are full of native seeds of the beautiful Berkshires that are perfect for birds, butterflies, and pollinators.  Hand collected by Helia Native Nursery. .25 oz packets cover 45 square feet. 

Pollinator MixBig Bluestem, Side Oats Grama, Partridge Pea, Purple Cornflower, Ox Eye Sunflower, Great Blue Lobelia, Wild Blue Lupine, Monkey Flower, Wild Bergamot, Tall White Beard Tongue, Black Eyed Susan, Showy Goldenrod

Meadow MixPartridge Pea, Ox-Eye Sunflower, Roundhead Lespedeza, Wild Blue Lupine, Wild Bergamot, Spotted Bee Balm, Evening Primrose Tall White Beard Tongue, Black Eyed Susan, Little Bluestem, Showy Goldenrod, Smooth Blue Aster, New England Aster, New York Aster, Heath Aster. Attracts a wide range of pollinators.

Full sun to part sun, at least 6 hours direct sun a day. Ideal for salt run-off areas, hot locations, poor soil and dry areas. 

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