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Chaga Bath Bar

$ 20.00


This multitasking bar is designed to cleanse, deodorize, and withdraw toxins while gently exfoliating and leaving your skin luxuriously refreshed.  Wonderful for all skin types.

French milled cold-process luxury soap made with all natural products. Gender-neutral scent profile because why in the world should we use different soap based on how we identify?

  There are no harsh chemicals or filler ingredients in this soap.  No sulfates, phthalates, or any of the common junk you find in bar soaps.  As always, cruelty free and no animal testing.



Chaga grounds deliver an all-natural method of exfoliation.  This chaga was saturated in rosehip oil, which facilitates integration with the oils and butters of the soap.  It's important to know that the other properties of chaga were extracted prior to being used for soap... As a slowly renewing resource, and the only mushroom not able to be synthesized in labs, chaga should be highly revered and never wasted.


Known to reduce pore size, regulate the skin's oil production, combat acne, activated charcoal is a wonderful ingredient for all skin types, to leave you looking flawless.  It's also been known to clear blemishes and treat psoriasis.  


A fine selection and a unique blend of oils and butters to remove dirt and grime from your skin while subtly recharging with moisture. 

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