Goat's Milk Caramels / Bag Of 7

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A bag of 7 handmade goat milk caramels from southern Vermont's Big Picture Farm. the softest and tastiest caramels we have ever had! Multiple SOFI Award winning

Only high-quality, GMO-free, local and/or organic ingredients are used to supplement our primary ingredient and principal flavoring agent: fresh, raw, creamy and delicious goat milk from their Vermont farm!

Brown Butter Bourbon: farmstead goat milk, organic cane sugar, organic tapioca syrup, brown sugar, Vermont cow cream, VT bourbon (made with GMO-free Vermont corn), goat butter, salt, organic vanilla extract, baking soda

Raspberry & Rhubarb: farmstead goat milk, organic cane sugar, organic tapioca syrup, VT cow cream, VT rhubarb wine (made with rhubarb, strawberry, raspberry), raspberry puree (raspberries, cane sugar, fruit pectin, citric and ascorbic acids), goat butter, salt, organic vanilla extract,  baking soda

Maple Cream: farmstead goat milk,  organic sugar, Vermont cow cream, organic tapioca syrup,  Vermont maple syrup, goat butter, sea salt,  organic vanilla extract, baking soda   

Sea Salt & Vanillafarmstead goat milk,  organic sugar,  VT cow cream, organic tapioca syrup,  goat butter,  sea salt, organic pure bourbon vanilla extract,  baking soda

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