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Ichcha Block Print 4pc Napkin Set / Moon Dots

$ 48.00


The golden dots are first printed and then we go back and reprint over the dots with mud. You'll see what looks like half moons or slivers of moon - made by just where the printer's hand landed the 2nd time printing. It wasn't perfect that's why it's so beautiful. They are printed by hand using a carved wooden block and then dyed in natural dyes. We hope you'll join us to save our oceans and our forests by living a more sustainable life. They are easy to wash and re-use! 

Block printed by hand using a carved wooden block hand dyed in Natural Dyes color - brown fabric - organic cotton size - 19" x 19" set of 4 CARE: Wash separately in cold, delicate cycle for the first few washes.
Made in India

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