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Ichcha Block Print 4pc Napkin Set / Red Sprinkle

$ 48.00

These deep red organic cotton cloth napkins are printed by hand using a carved wooden block and then dyed in a bath of flowers. This block printing technique is called Dabu. Dabu is when we print with a mud paste. The rose pinks you see is the space is where the mud paste stopped the Red to seep in. With this gorgeous color you can celebrate with family, take it to your picnics, gift it for the holidays, or use it as dish towels, there are so many ways of using it. You might also wrap a gift in this sprinkle of love. They are easy to wash and re-use!

Block printed by hand using a wooden carved block hand dyed in Natural Dyes color - red and rose pink fabric - organic cotton size - 19"x19"

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