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KHEM Cutting Board / Whalebone / Walnut

$ 110.00

 Inspired by the iconic tail of a whale breaching the water, this board was designed for a balanced feel when carrying food from the counter to the table. The ample surface also provides the utility of room to cut and serve a wide variety of foods. 

Locally sourced kiln-dried woods of the Hudson Valley. Walnut wood, measures 13.5” x 14.5” x 1.125” in thickness

All woods are locally sourced kiln-dried woods that are oiled and waxed with food-safe finishing products. 

Many clients ask us is it okay to cut on the boards? Yes! If you want the best of both worlds, use and jaw-dropping presentation, use one side for cutting and the other for presentation for special occasions. These boards are made for use!

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