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Matte Enamel Cast Iron Pot / White

$ 195.00

These pots provide even heat retention, suitable for induction, oven, gas, electric solid plate, and most heat sources.  This piece of Scandinavian design is the embodiment of both modern and style. Inspired by sunflowers, this cast iron pot makes your dining table more heartwarming and loving. Sunflower emblems warmth because it’s always facing the sun with smiling. The design translates that spirit into the signature sunflower petal imprints on the bottom of the pot. The innovative enamel coating technology allows the design to have a matte finish, which gives the pot a more subtle silhouette. The solid bronze knob on the pot cover lightens up the visual and completes the pot as a whole by adding a bright contrast to the palette.

8.6" l x 8.6" w x 6.1" h

3.6L Size. See our other items for more colors!

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