Phoenicia Honey Jars / 8oz

$ 12.95

Upstate NY honey producers Phoenicia Honey Co. never disappoint with their herb and spice infused honeys. A sweet touch to your teas, cocktails, cheese & more. 

Chai Spice: 

Give your mouth a little sweet surprise, the complex and dreamy flavors of chai spice come to life infused into our raw local honey. This fragrant concoction packs a slight tingle of heat, while livening up the other senses. Try this one with an aged Gouda, or drizzle over fresh Hudson Valley apples or pears, or of course, in your favorite cup of Chai. This infusion includes cinnamon sticks, cardamom pods, cloves, ginger root, black peppercorns and love.


Ginger & Orange:

This sweet accident has earned it's place in the Phoenicia Honey Co. line. An elegant essence with a slight spicy edge. The compliment of ginger and orange work so well in our raw wildflower honey. Over the holidays we drizzled it over cranberries, included in fresh ginger tea and found great delight drizzled over brie cheese.


Nothing is more luxurious and tasty on a bit of bread than our fragrant lavender honey. You can also pour it on fruit, or a bowl of vanilla ice cream. Ingredients: Local Hudson Valley Honey, Lavender and Love.

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