Taylor Ceramics Striped Porcelain Mugs

$ 42.00 $ 24.00
Style: Lime

This handmade porcelain mug was constructed from one thin slab of porcelain clay. The glaze is called coke bottle clear - a transparent gloss finish with a hint of blue green and thin stripes wrap around the mug, adding a touch of color.
This mug is very light weight and not perfectly round due to the hand building process, it's the perfect gift for anyone who loves coffee or tea. Although very thin and lightweight the porcelain is fired to over 2000 degrees and is very strong.

The approximate measurements are (w x h) 3 x 3.75 inches.

It holds approx. 9 ounces of liquid and is dishwasher and microwave safe.

Hand made in Easthampton MA

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