Weck Jars & Accessories

$ 4.25

A wide variety of German made canning jars and juice jars from Weck as well as additional accessories. Keep fresh lids offer a simpler, faster way to get in and out of your jars and the jar lifter is the easiest way to can/process with your Weck jars!

All Weck jars come with glass lid, rubber ring and 2 clips. Glass replacement lids, wood, or plastic "keep fresh" lids are available as add-ons as well as extra rubber rings or clips.

Lid size chart:

Fits Small lids/rubber rings: #80, #760, #762, #763, #764, #766, 

Fits Medium lids/rubber rings: #901

Fits Large lids/rubber rings: #741, #744, #742, #743, #745, #974, 

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