Holiday Top 5!

Holiday Top 5!

On the earlier side of this busy holiday season, a few items are standing out as customer favorites which of course means "Best Sellers!". Here are the current top 5 items:

#1 Folding Stainless Straw A great gift or stocking stuffer for the person on your list that loves a great sustainable item! Plastic straw waste awareness is larger than ever right now and people are working hard to do their part to help reduce plastic waste. These handy straws are lined with food grade silicone (think spatula-to make them foldable) and come with a folding squeegee inside of a flip top case that can easily fit onto your keychain or in your bag, desk drawer at work, etc. 5 case colors available here $14

#2 The Porter The best way to travel with your lunch? We'd say so- and perhaps the most stylish as well! Dishwasher safe, microwave safe, ceramic bowl with protective silicone sleeve and wrap around strap. 3 colors-pick your favorite Porter here $39.95

#3 Illustrated Juice Glass Set We're particularly biased to these beautiful glasses as they are designed in-house. Customer don't necessarily know this when picking them up and the neatly boxed little set has been a very popular gift. Carrot, beet, strawberry and blueberry designs adorn these juice glasses which have often been described as the "perfect little wine glass" as well. Find them as singles or the boxed set here. $7-$26

#4 Roland Pine it's often the first thing people say when entering the store- "What is that amazing smell?" It's Roland Pine and is by far a best seller every year for us and is available in 3 candle styles, a room spray, a reed diffuser, and fragrance oil. Impress your holiday guests or gift the best pine scent in the land. Notes of Siberian Fir, cilantro and citrus. See what's available here. $11 and up 

#5 Bee's Wrap We're 5 years in on having this amazing product available in the shop and the buzz about Bee's Wrap is still growing rapidly. The best alternative we've found to plastic wrap in the kitchen works like a charm and comes in many sizes and varieties. The latest from our friends in Vermont is their collaboration with National Geographic, the Explorer Pack,  featuring their limited edition butterfly print on a sandwich wrap and two medium size wraps (think snacks and sides!) Available here with it's many other varieties!
Abby Webster

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