Vegan Kale & Sesame Sushi Bowl

Vegan Kale & Sesame Sushi Bowl

Tonight's dinner comes from one of our most used cookbook over the last year, Anna Jones' "A Modern Way To Eat". We've used it so much we had her newest book, "A Modern Way To Cook" shipped over from the UK when we heard it was released there last December ( It will be in the US-and in our store for sure-at the end of August!). Her recipes are simple yet absolutely delicious, and we've found that they satisfy across the board, from vegans, vegetarians (yes this is a vegetarian cookbook!) to a meat-and-potatoes diet. Some of our favorites: Sweet Potato Quesadillas, Oven Baked Kale Chips (w/tarragon & mustard dressing), Popcorn Tacos (Yes, you read that right), Any-Night-of-the-Week Pizza (featuring a cauliflower crust) and now this Sushi Bowl. Clean eating and cooking with ease, short and simple ingredient list and no crazy ingredients to track down. We haven't gone wrong yet with anything we've made from this book! 

"A Modern Way To Eat" & " A Modern Way To Cook" are available now in-store and online at

Tonight's recipe is available here.

Abby Webster

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