Artist Spotlight: Convivial

Artist Spotlight: Convivial

An artist we worked with since day 1 at Sett, the beautiful work of natural and organic shapes include dinnerware and a new selection of vases just added. Perfect time for those late summer flowers popping from the garden and fields. Shop Convivial goods here!

From the artist:

Convivial is a production and design company that labors over the creation of simple, ethically made ceramic wares. Our company began as a one-woman show wheel-throwing out of a home garage and today is made up of a group of incredibly talented artisans who bring each piece from dust to life in a design and manufacturing space located in the Historic West Bottoms of Kansas City. Our mission is to produce wares that inspire others toward a life of conviviality – the joining of people to eat, drink and be joyful within one another.

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