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Citronella Incense Coil

$ 18.00

Keep bugs at bay with this special citronella coil. Citronella is an oil distilled from two grass varieties that naturally masks human scent, keeping bugs at bay safely. These coils have a subtle grassy, floral scent that releases as it burns. Not only does the coil keep mosquitoes off your skin: it also adds a sculptural design element to the backyard. Hang from a branch or pole, or group a few together at varying points around the space (especially perfect for a party).

How to Use: Light the bottom end to release a steady stream of smoke. Snap off lit end when done to preserve the coil for future use.
  • 7" Diameter x 0.5" H (collapsed) x 6" H (expanded)
  • 36-hour burn time per coil.
  • Compressed wood dust saturated in citronella oil, hanging thread
  • Outdoor use only
  • Bring indoors when not in use
  • Do not leave in rain or dew; do not allow coil to be submerged in water
Metal stands sold separately.
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