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Bread and Roses

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Discover brown-flour baking with the charismatic Rose Wilde—a grain geek hungry for texture, flavor, and diversity of ingredients.

Rose Wilde shares her joy of grain in her extraordinary debut cookbook. From buckwheat, barley, and brown rice to spelt, sonora, and sweet corn, Bread and Roses is a comprehensive guide to choosing ingredients with an impact beyond the plate, resulting in delicious results. 

Wilde’s recipes are inspired by her global travels and include more than 100 unique bakes. Readers will learn the origins and basic science behind more than fifteen ancient, heirloom, and alternative grains; how to enhance depth of flavor by tasting for tannins, body, acidity, strength, and hydration; and the proper way to source and preserve ingredients from local farmers and their own backyard. The possibilities for grain-based goodies are endless as Wilde encourages bakers of every level to develop their relationship with grains and grow confidence and creativity in an eco-friendly kitchen. Bread and Roses is the book everyone needs to make their bakes blossom.

100+ grain-forward recipes featuring global ingredients and botanicals.

By Rose Wilde

Size: 8 x 10"
304 pages
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