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Seattle Chocolate Bars / Everyday

$ 5.95

To help celebrate occasions big and small. To inspire random acts of chocolate. To make a small moment sweeter (the truffle on top, if you will).

From Seattle Chocolate Company: 
We are passionate about cacao and the people who grow it. In addition to our origin chocolate directly sourced from small Peruvian Farms, we use Rainforest Alliance Certified cocoa from West Africa. By bringing diverse allies together, the Rainforest Alliance protects forests, improves the livelihoods of farmers and forest communities, promotes their human rights, and helps them mitigate and adapt to the climate crisis in bold and effective ways.

Our Peruvian chocolate is made by Samir Giha, a Lima-based chocolate maker. He works with the farmers to improve their agricultural techniques and yield and perfect their post-harvest techniques. Samir pays the farmers well above the commodity price to enable them to live quality lives and improve their farms.

We also have a commitment to protecting the earth, and work to make sure our products are as sustainable as possible. In 2022, thanks to carbon offset purchases targeted toward sustainable and regenerative farming practices, Seattle Chocolate Company is officially carbon neutral - and we're just getting started. We also compost our chocolate scraps and sell our imperfect factory seconds, so none of the deliciousness goes to waste!

Learn more about Seattle Chocolate here!

2.5oz. chocolate bars

V=Vegan, GF= Gluten Free, K= Kosher

Apple Pie a La Mode: dark & white chocolate with spiced apples & biscotti

Campers' S'Mores (K): milk w/ marshmallow and graham cracker bits

Carrot Cake (GF, K): walnuts and spices of cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, and allspice in milk chocolate with a white chocolate coating (looks like cream cheese frosting) and tastes like Mom’s homemade carrot cake

Coconut Sea Salt (V, GF, K): dark w/ toasted coconut and sea salt 

Dark Sea Salt Toffee (GF, K): dark with bits of toffee and a dash of sea salt

Happy Birthday Cake Batter (GF, K): milk w/ confetti sprinkles

Hazelnut Butter Crisp (GF, K): milk w/ hazelnut butter and brown rice crisps

Mexican Hot Chocolate (V, GF, K): dark w/ fresh ground cinnamon, pure vanilla extract from Madagascar, and a pinch of cayenne pepper

Mint Chip (GF, K): dark w/ peppermint filling and micro chocolate chips

Neapolitan (GF, K): vanilla, strawberry layers encased in dark chocolate

Peanut Butter Pretzel (GF, K): peanut butter and salted pretzel swirled together in rich, dark chocolate & white chocolate

Rainier Cherry (V, GF, K): dark w/ fresh dried cherries and pecans praline

Salted Almond (V, GF, K): dark w/ dry roasted almonds with a hint of sea salt 

San Juan Sea Salt (GF, K): milk w/ toffee & Sea Salt

Sip Sip Hooray! (GF, K): dark & white w/ naturally bubbly, popping candy

Thank You! (GF, K): dark w/ crunchy cookie bits

You Are Sunshine (GF, K): granulated honey crystals, blackberry blossom honey, and organic cereal are ohh-so-swirled in milk chocolate with a pinch of Himalayan pink salt.

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