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Silk Table Runner / Tranquility

$ 119.00

This unique, luxurious silk is considered cruelty-free and compassionate; unlike in conventional silk-making, wherein cocoons are extracted from silkworms by placing them in boiling water, this silk is made using already-empty cocoons collected after the silkworms' metamorphose into moths.

A minimalist design complements this runner's luxurious texture & fine elegance. Low impact in every sense, this product may be down-to-earth, but for your home, it's pure indulgence!

No pesticides, chemicals, or modern machines are used in any of the production processes.

Material: 100% organic, cruelty-free silk dyed with harda, an Ayurvedic spice known for its medicinal properties

Dimensions: 16" wide x 72" OR 106" long

Care: dry cleaning recommended

Hand-spun and hand-woven on bamboo looms by indigenous women weavers in Northeast India

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