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Eucalyptus on White Linen Tablecloth

$ 130.00

Soft-washed floral eucalyptus print linen tablecloth in 5 sizes: 

55" Square, 55" wide by 79" length,  55" wide by 98" length, 55" wide by 118" length, and 55" wide by 150".

Made in Lithuania, sizes approx. due to the nature of all-natural linen

Linen sustainability: Linen requires less water and fewer pesticides to grow than cotton. It is biodegradable, so after its long life it will decompose without leaving any waste. All parts of the flax plant can be used, meaning there are no harmful bi-products as a result of processing and manufacturing procedures.

Stonewashed linen: Stonewashed linen is linen that is washed with natural and man-made stones––typically pumice or volcanic rock––during the manufacturing process. Stonewashing produces softer and more flexible textiles known for their signature worn-in appearance. 

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