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Forged Iron Handle Cheese Knife

$ 95.00

6" long, forged iron handled cheese knife. 

Blackthorne Forge is owned and operated by Vermont blacksmith Steven Bronstein. He and his helpers have been creating functional and sculptural ironwork for over 25 years.

At the forge you will see both the traditional and contemporary tools available to the modern blacksmith.

His designs strive to blend the primitive charm of ironwork with the energy and interest of more contemporary design.

Clocks, vases, bookends, floor lamps, sundials, garden sculpture and fountains are just a few of the objects for which Steven has sought to blend the functional with the sculptural.

Relying on the qualities that make iron such a beautiful material, Steven’s pieces are both delicate and rugged.

Blacksmiths have a three thousand year tradition that has changed and grown with the ages. This capacity to adapt and evolve with the changing designs of the day is the blacksmith’s greatest strength.

Just as the hot metal twists and bends to create beauty, so does the craft of blacksmithing itself. Steven celebrates this aspect of his art and looks forward to all of its possibilities.

Steven’s work is available in more than 100 galleries around the country.

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