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Goodlight Hanukkah Candles / Blue & White

$ 16.00

Celebrate the Festival of Lights with GoodLight! These clean-burning, paraffin-free Chanukah candles are the perfect addition to your green household. They will burn bright and dripless for roughly 45 minutes. If a random drip does occur, the palm wax will pop off any menorah surface quickly and easily.

Box of 45 candles

Material: 100% palm wax, lead-free, pure cotton wicks, and non-GMO, vegan, REACH-compliant pigments (comprise less than 0.75% of any given candle, not considered hazardous to people nor the environment)

- Burn time of 45 minutes
- Unscented
- Eco-friendly, paraffin-free, clean-burning
- Lead-free wicks
- Vegan & compostable

- Should remain dripless when kept upright in the menorah and away from drafts
- Palm wax will pop off any menorah surface easily if drips occur

Dimensions: 0.5" diameter x 4.5" height (please measure your menorah to make sure these will fit!)

Made in Malaysia

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