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Linen Washed Waffle Bath Linens / Sea Foam

$ 88.00

Take care of sensitive skin with these 100% linen towels and washcloths. Soft, lightweight, super absorbent, and quick-drying, these delicate towels are perfect for babies and children. Thanks to the garment wash technology, they retain their softness and shape after washable - even in the machine. Plus, an added a loop for easy hanging! Linen is famous for its durability and antibacterial properties. It wicks moisture and dries out much faster than cotton, meaning it doesn't let bacteria build up.

Bath towel: 30 x 51" 

XL bath sheet size: 39" x 63" 

Hand/Face/Kitchen Towel 20 x 28"

Wash Cloth: 12" Square

100% Linen made in Lithuania. 

Linen sustainability: Linen requires less water and fewer pesticides to grow than cotton. It is biodegradable, so after its long life it will decompose without leaving any waste. All parts of the flax plant can be used, meaning there are no harmful bi-products as a result of processing and manufacturing procedures.

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