Reopening time!

Reopening time!

*Update: Our hours through the summer will remain at 11-5 six days a week (closed Tuesdays) for both shops

We're easing back in to being open for in-person shopping and both shops will open Thursday June 11th from 11-5 and be open through Sunday. At that point we will determine our hours going forward. We have shortened our hours and we will be open less days a week for sure and we will post here as soon as that schedule is set. If you are coming out to visit the shop please remember these important changes since the last time you were in:

-Masks are required for entry, must be worn for the entire visit and must cover your nose and mouth

-Sanitizing your hands with the provided sanitizer at the entry is mandatory

-6 foot distancing from anyone not in your group, including staff and customers is mandatory

-Our current capacity for Phase 2 is 6 customers at a time. You may have to wait outside for entry so please prepare for that possibility-think about the weather :) Also, if you are traveling in a group, some people in your group may have to wait outside and take turns coming in.

-The above listed rules are state mandated and we can be shut down for not following them so there is no flexibility in these-please respect the rules-they are listed on our door as a reminder when you arrive

These rules are going to be the same as all other downtown shops (with the exception of capacity as shop square footage varies of course)

We have made changes to the shop to make these new rules as easy as possible to follow including wider aisles, sanitizer stations, larger spaces in between registers, guidelines on the floor for distancing, easier viewing of pricing and product details with signage and forward facing price stickers. Our staff is smaller due to the restrictions and our supply of some items is limited due to our makers different situations in the states they are making product in. If you're not quite ready to come back in to the shop but need something, curbside is still available by purchasing online and choosing pick-up at checkout. 

Ab Pruhenski

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